20 Apr 2020

The Pathway (to your wedding day!)

HAPPY MONDAY everyone!
Just a few positive thoughts and lines from the heart xx

The Pathway ( to your wedding day !)

You both started your first tentative steps along this pathway of love, with pure excitement and passion.
A new and intimate journey based on love, respect, and pure vision.
Choices and decisions were warmly discussed and agreed as you both started to build the foundations of your dream wedding!

Family and friends, both near and far were drawn to experience your excitement and happily shared the magic that only a couple in love can create as they joined you on this pathway of happiness.

The strength, the hard work, the trials, the joys, and the pure determination displayed along this magical walk must never be underestimated!

……..and now, here you both are, only months away from “THE MOMENT” that you have both so eagerly been waiting for, and the “World” has confused us all as it becomes the victim of a temporary blinding storm.

Storms in life can be mean, they can happen when we least expect them and they may cruelly upset our plans, but let’s not forget, they are always temporary.

The clouds will lift, the pathway will be visible again, and the right direction will be oh! so clear!

The only direction will be forward and you will both continue along that beautiful path together again, with joy, anticipation, and passion!

Just look at how much you have come through to get where you both are today!

As hard as it is, its time to practice patience, with both grace and love.

When the time is right your euphoric “I DO ” will explode from your hearts as you step out on an even more important and rewarding path,
The Pathway of Married Life, this time at last as Husband and Wife!

Much Love Candi xx
Director IWS


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