6 Jul 2020

Our Sunset BBQ Venue is now open!

Hi everybody.

Well, we are now starting our second week of July and we can really see the island now coming to life.
A lot more beach bars and restaurants have now opened including our SUNSET BBQ venue, which opened last Saturday.
The airport is beginning to receive every day more and more flights and by mid-July, most tour operators will have started their reduced 2020 IBIZA summer programmes.
The vast majority of the beach bars/clubs that have opened are keeping the very low key beach chilled vibe, which is a refreshing change for our healing island!

IBIZA needs to be appreciated for its “other side” this Summer. For its natural beauty, amazing cuisine. quiet little calas and stunning interior countryside.

The sea continues to be crystal clear, the beaches are sunbed free and the sunsets seem to be even more beautiful this year!

We have experienced once again this week the expected increase in COVID positive cases but we are told the situation is under control. This increase was expected due to the free movement we now have here and the opening of our borders. This news has kept us all on our toes though, by keeping to the health and safety guidelines, wearing masks when out, being very responsible and keeping our selves to our selves where possible to lessen the risks.

The “NEW NORMAL” rules as mentioned a few weeks ago are still in place and we are expecting them to continue this summer, which will affect any events planned for 2020
1. All bars/ restaurants must take last orders at 22.00pm ( 10 pm).
2. Dance floors must be filled with low seating to not encourage any dancing.
3. Face masks must be worn at all times when the 1.5 m / 2m social distancing cannot take place.
We are aware each month the government will update and act accordingly to the situation.

So we continue to fight the battle which here in Ibiza we see to be winning but with the utmost respect that we ALL have to do our part to move forward.

We are still offering a change of dates to 2021/22 for the few weddings we still have planned for AUG / SEPT / OCT for your peace of mind and here for everyone as always x

Much love Candi and team x

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