4 May 2020

We have extended our 2021 wedding season to start the 1st APRIL 2021 in some venues!

Happy Monday to you all!

Hope everyone enjoyed the May Bank holiday weekend.

We have had a week full of changes and government announcements, and happy to say from last Saturday we are now allowed out an hour a day to exercise which has been wonderful!

The government have also put into place a 0 to 4 phase plan to start lowering restrictions and are talking on a 6 to 8 week period to get the country back to the “NEW NORMAL”.

As yet there is no news on re-opening the country to foreign travel and we continue with airports and ports closed for the time being.
There’s is talk here, as in the whole world, that when airports and ports can open that they will have new restrictions and screening of anyone entering the country. When we have the official news on this we will, of course, let everyone know.

During these “re-opening phases” hotels will be allowed to open, as will restaurants but all with new health and safety and occupancy restrictions which are being discussed and will be confirmed by the government,

Our sister Island Formentera has been able to start its “reopening” time ahead of the rest of the country, due to its isolation and minimal cases of Covid which was wonderful news.

Here on Ibiza, we can see new energy and positivity as Covid cases continue to decrease but know we need to be very patient and cautious as the battle has not yet been won.

We continue to offer change of dates for all clients wishing to do so for peace of mind at this unstable time and as I mentioned last week, some venues are now getting very booked up for some months in 2021.

We have extended our 2021 wedding season to start the 1st APRIL 2021 in some venues and we have now opened the 2022 calendar too.

Lets once again live the present with positivity and patience and pray the world is now on the road to recovery.

Much love Candi and Team xx
(Image of yesterdays sunset)

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