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If you have ever dreamed of creating that perfect chilled wedding celebration in the sun, but cannot decide where to hold your ideal destination wedding abroad, have you ever considered Ibiza?   In fact, look no further, as these days Ibiza really does have it all.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary sunset  chilled ambiance, or a relaxed unspoilt country retreat, Ibiza is now able to offer  perfect venues and  locations for perfect wedding experiences in  the sun, for all budgets.

With over 30 years of living the IBIZA DREAM , CANDIDA BLAXALL,wedding and event planner  shares her wedding planning experience and top tips.

“Over the years  I have had the pleasure to share some unforgettable ceremonies and  celebrations here in IBIZA – here are a few insider tips about little things to think about to make your wedding abroad run smoothly and stress  free.”

  First of all don’t forget it is YOUR DAY, BRIDE AND GROOM!

-As much as you want every one to enjoy every minute don’t lose touch with the priority of the day , which is to celebrate your love for each other !

2.Choose a venue that is suitable for your wedding party size

-There is nothing worse than a small party feeling lost in a massive venue or vice a versa.If your having lots of kiddies coming to your wedding make sure it is child friendly , IE not on an open cliff top, or unfenced.

3. Remember the temperature here is very different to home !! 

-Late afternoon ceremonies are advisable when the heat is a little more comfortable and the light too, is far more flattering for those all important photos .Try to remember to drink plenty of water while you are  getting ready as pre wedding nerves , heat and too much champagne before you get to the ceremony could spoil your day !

4. Keep décor and extras as simple as possible

-Don’t complicate your life and pre planning with thousands of ideas , LESS is always more and the natural  beauty of IBIZA , the sunset the ambiance and the wonderful  selection of venues here , need very little help to be naturally beautiful . Of course you want your day to be unique so create  some  personal  touches , with your menus , tables plan , name cards etc  , creating a colour scheme and  wedding theme to coordinate the look .

5. Bridal bouquet

-Remember   all flowers here are flown in from the mainland so  do make sure you order your flowers in good time with a reputable local Ibiza florist. Choose flowers which hold their shape well in the heat too, Roses being some of the hardiest flowers surprisingly, orchids and gerberas  being  more fragile.

6. Menus

-Once again remember you are in a warm Mediterranean country , so keep the menu as light as possible and its always nice to add some local cuisine to the menu for your guests to sample the  true flavors of the island. Make sure you have asked guests too for any dietary needs such as allergies , vegetarians etc before the day so the venue can prepare special menus for them in advance.

. Cake

– So often I see wedding cake left over at the end of the reception and its such a shame ! Cup cakes have saved the day a bit  now as guest can of course taken one away with them, but the new FUN CANDY TABLES are a great success, serving as a dessert, including a smaller cake for you to cut and photograph, and then lots of sweeties and treats that can be eaten through the evening which are fab for those late night party munchies !

8. Kiddies

– If you’re having kiddies at your wedding then make sure you have thought a little about looking after them! child’s menus, kiddies entertainers, baby sitters , bouncy castle hire, activity tables are all good ideas  to keep them and their parents happy !


– As you’re in IBIZA your party has to be extra specially good!! Music can make or break an event as can lighting and the quality of the sound equipment so make sure you use an experienced light, sound and DJ company .Discuss the music you and your wedding party like AND what you don’t like so the DJ gets a real feel of the ambiance you wish to create  .

10.….and as every good party

– has to come to an end , remember here in IBIZA you cant pre book taxis ( only to the airport for flights) so make sure you have organised  transport for you and your guests . Make sure you you  book a reputable licensed coach / transport company offering fully insured and safe travel ! For the real party animals out there you can of course leave the wedding venue and go on to one of the clubs to continue the party , so make sure you know the best place to go for the day of the week your celebrating !



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